Fans mock as MBA Chaiwala founder Prafull Billore backs South Africa for the T20 World Cup 2024 final

Jun 29, 2024

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The Indian cricket team, led by Rohit Sharma, has successfully secured a place in the final of the T20 World Cup 2024 after a resounding victory over England in the semifinals.

Their impressive performance under Rohit’s leadership has propelled them to the championship match against South Africa at Kensington Oval in Barbados on Saturday (June 29).

Prafull Billore: From MBA Chaiwala to social media sensation

In the midst of India’s cricketing triumph, Prafull Billore, founder of MBA Chaiwala in 2016, has garnered significant attention with his unconventional antics on social media. Known for his trend-setting activities, Billore has begun his unique preparations ahead of India’s final showdown against South Africa. He has chosen to extend his support to South Africa on social media platforms, marking a whimsical turn in his narrative.

Full support to South Africa 🇿🇦 for the finals

— Prafull Billore (@pbillore141) June 27, 2024

The curious case of Billore’s reverse jinx

Billore has inadvertently gained a reputation on social media as a “jinx” due to a perceived pattern where teams or individuals he supports tend to face misfortune. Embracing this playful narrative, Billore has engaged in self-deprecating humor by superimposing his image into photos of the South African cricket team, in anticipation of the upcoming final.

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Billore’s quirky influence in cricketing circles

Earlier, ahead of India’s crucial T20 World Cup semifinal against England, social media maverick Billore turned heads by throwing his support behind the English team. Posting edited images of England’s players on his social media platforms, Billore’s unconventional move sparked a flurry of reactions. To the astonishment of many, India delivered a stellar performance, defeating Jos Buttler‘s squad by a convincing margin of 68 runs, acquiring their berth in the final against South Africa.


— Prafull Billore (@pbillore141) June 27, 2024

This is viral everywhere and everyone is sending me this 🥹

— Prafull Billore (@pbillore141) June 27, 2024

The rise of a social media “Jinx” icon

In the aftermath of India’s semifinal victory, netizens have playfully dubbed Billore as a “freedom fighter,” crediting his peculiar “reverse jinx” effect for India’s successful campaign. As anticipation mounts for the final showdown in Barbados, Billore has extended his unique brand of humor by aligning himself with the South African team. Using the headline I stand with South Africa, he’s shared images of himself alongside South African players and even in front of the South African flag, continuing to fuel the whimsical narrative.

I stand with South Africa 🇿🇦

— Prafull Billore (@pbillore141) June 27, 2024

I stand with South Africa 🇿🇦

— Prafull Billore (@pbillore141) June 27, 2024

Turning criticism into comedy

Billore’s antics have not only entertained but also garnered support from unexpected quarters. Amidst playful banter, he has adeptly turned negative comments into positive affirmations.

One user expressed remorse for earlier criticism, acknowledging Billore’s entertainment value with a heartfelt message: “Sorry for abusing earlier, keep at it bro, you’re a gem.” Others have praised his ability to take it all in stride, noting, “He has finally understood the assignment.” Some even voiced support for Billore receiving national recognition for his unique contributions to cricket fandom.

Here’s how Fans reacted:

Bro finally realized his power and understood his assignment. The whole of India is thankful to you, Prafull.

— Aaraynsh (@aaraynsh) June 27, 2024

sorry for abusing earlier, keep at it bro, you’re a gem

— saloni🇮🇳 (@salonivxrse) June 27, 2024

Government should declare you as national panauti

— ASAN (@Atulsingh_asan) June 28, 2024

With great power comes great responsibility 🫡

— Shekhar Dutt (@DuttShekhar) June 27, 2024

If India wins the World Cup, your contribution will be highly appreciated

— Nimo Tai (@Cryptic_Miind) June 28, 2024

तू एक नंबर का पनौती है जिस तरफ खड़ा हो जाता है उसकी हार निश्चित है वह जैकी सही कहता है !
लेकिन भारत में रहकर भारत की खाते हैं और गुणगान पाकिस्तान फिलिस्तीन साउथ अफ्रीका का करते हैं ऐसे लोगों पर मुझे तो शक होता है कि इनके डीएनए में ही कोई गड़बड़ है ।

— KK NEHRA (@Krishan88701400) June 27, 2024

भाई, उन्हें हराना है बर्बाद नहीं करना।

— Dr. Atishi || AAP || CM, Delhi 2024 || Parody || (@atishi_maarlena) June 27, 2024

Thank you for recognizing your super human abilities king . Ab chai laga chal

— 𝙼𝚛.𝚅𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚊 (@Shivayaaah) June 27, 2024

Now only God can save South Africa.

— Vipin Tiwari (@Vipintiwari952) June 27, 2024

Bas aise hi WorldCup jeetna ha hame!!

— Sumit Kapoor (@moneygurusumit) June 28, 2024

Will South Africa play cricket again 💀

— Prasenjit (@Star_Knight12) June 28, 2024

bas kar jaa bhai desh khatam nahi karna unka

— Kaajukatla (@kaajukatla) June 28, 2024

True Patriot.
I kindly request the President of India to confer Ashok Chakra to Prafull for his contribution to Indian Cricket if India wins today.

— Rajat Agarwala (@RjtAg222) June 29, 2024

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