Chelsea FC and Manchester City fret over future after Everton were handed 10-point deduction for breaching Financial Fair Play

Nov 21, 2023

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English football giants Chelsea and Manchester City are squirming with unease. The reason is the 10-point deduction penalty slapped on Everton FC over the weekend. Many of the Everton FC fans have called out the move after they found their club in the relegation zone. 

Defending English and European Champions Manchester City were found to have 115 breaches early in the year. There is massive trepidation about the nature of punishment the Citizens could be put through if their breaches are proved.  

Chelsea FC is another club that is facing uneasy times both on and off the pitch. After a difficult start to the season, Mauricio Pochettino had brought his team into the 10th place in the league. Sunday there was another development which shook the Stamford bridge faithful’s as the ‘Blues’ too face allegations of breaching the Financial Fair Play. 

Chelsea and Manchester City face grim future

News hit the English press that Chelsea FC were alleged to have breached the Financial Fair Play rules. The allegations of the said incidents was during the Roman Abramovic era which saw Chelsea became one of the best teams in England. 

If the London based club do find themselves charged and later proved guilty, there could be massive repercussions. One of the most likely outcomes is that Chelsea FC could be relegated or given a points deduction. There is also a chance that a few of their titles could be scrapped which would be a huge blow to the club. 

Manchester City on the other have a lot to worry about in the days and weeks to come. Pep Guardiola and his side were alleged to have carried out 115 breaches in the football’s Profit and Sustainability rule as per the Financial Fair Play Rules. 

This puts Manchester City’s future under severe doubt, with a variety of penalties likely. Abu Dhabi acquired Manchester City in 2008 and since 2012 they have been English Football’s leading giant. 

If the Financial Fair Play rules were indeed breached, there is a likely outcome that Manchester City could lose all their Premier League titles. The Champions League win against Inter Milan could also be scrapped as well as various other titles they won during that period. 

The other sanctions could include, massive points deduction, relegation into the lower leagues or even a possible expulsion. If Manchester City is expelled they will not be part of the top tier of English football for a foreseeable future. With the outcome and verdict likely in the near future fans from both clubs have a lot to worry about regarding their future.  

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