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Manchester United’s collapse against Liverpool: A Shambles and an Absolute Disgrace, says Gary Neville

Mar 6, 2023

In a stunning collapse at the home of their biggest rivals, Manchester United suffered their heaviest defeat since Boxing Day 1931. The Red Devils conceded six goals in the second half against Liverpool, leading to heavy criticism from Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville and Roy Keane.

Neville took aim at midfielder Bruno Fernandes, accusing him of feigning injury and criticizing his behaviour during the match. “Bruno Fernandes is stood in the centre circle with his arms raised saying ‘Why isn’t it me coming off?’ Honestly,” said Neville. “I think some of his behaviour in the second half has been a disgrace.”

Neville also criticized United’s overall performance, particularly in the second half, describing it as a “shambles” and an “absolute disgrace.” However, he acknowledged that it was not their usual performance and that manager Erik ten Hag would deal with the situation.

Keane, on the other hand, did not directly criticize Fernandes but focused on the senior and experienced players who he believed had let the club down. “The senior players at Man United, the big players, the ones we give a big build-up to, the experienced players – they are the ones who let the club down today,” said Keane. “It really is that embarrassing for the players.”

Keane also spoke about how he would have reacted if he had been beaten in a big game like this, saying that he would have “gone into hiding” as a player. He urged United to bounce back from the defeat, particularly with a big European game coming up in the middle of the week.

Overall, the criticism from Neville and Keane was scathing, particularly towards Fernandes and the senior players. While they acknowledged that this was not United’s usual performance, they made it clear that the collapse was unacceptable and embarrassing for the club.

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