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APS Sports to Launch Groundbreaking Women’s Kabaddi League in Dubai

May 28, 2023

APS Sports Event Management has introduced an eagerly awaited initiative, the Women’s Kabaddi League (WKL), which seeks to transform the landscape of kabaddi and ignite inspiration among players and enthusiasts worldwide. Boasting remarkable innovations and exceptional talent, the league is poised to kick off on June 16th in Dubai, generating a wave of anticipation within the global sports community. 

With 120 women kabaddi players participating, the tournament will be broadcast live on DD Sports and Euro Sports, ensuring widespread viewership. The WKL stands as a significant achievement for women’s sports, showcasing the extraordinary talent and prowess of female kabaddi athletes nationwide. 

The esteemed management team of WKL, led by Director & CEO Pradeep Kumar Nehra, includes prominent figures from the sports industry. Nehra expressed his enthusiasm for hosting the league in the dynamic city of Dubai, recognizing its potential to take women’s kabaddi to new heights on the international stage.

With a passionate fan base, Nehra envisions a sizable and diverse audience at the stadium during the league’s matches. He underscores that one of the primary goals of the Women’s Premier League is to promote women’s empowerment, fostering the growth of women’s sports and kabaddi players, and providing them with a platform to showcase their exceptional skills on a grand scale.

The Women’s Kabaddi League has gained the backing of esteemed figures in the realm of kabaddi, such as Pradeep Narwal, Sandeep Narwal, Maninder Singh, and Surendra Nada. These accomplished players, who have earned international recognition and secured gold medals, lend their support to the Women’s Kabaddi League, enhancing its reputation and bolstering its standing in the sport.

Empowering Rural Talent: Women’s Kabaddi League Shines Spotlight on Untapped Potential

A noteworthy feature of the Women’s Kabaddi League is its dedicated emphasis on players hailing from rural areas of India. By offering a platform to gifted individuals who may have been overlooked or faced limited opportunities previously, the league aims to empower and highlight the immense potential that exists in these regions.

The recent auction witnessed intense competition among teams vying for top players, resulting in impressive deals. The highest-paid player secured a remarkable contract worth 33 lacks, showcasing the substantial investment being made in women’s kabaddi. This significant development underscores the increasing recognition of women’s kabaddi as a captivating and influential sporting spectacle.

The Women’s Kabaddi League presents a formidable array of participants, comprising eight exceptional teams. The competing teams consist of the Rajasthan Raiders, Delhi Dynamites, Gujarat Angels, Great Marathas, Haryana Hustlers, Punjab Panthers, Uma Kolkata, and Bengaluru Hawks, each contributing to the league’s highly anticipated and thrilling competition.

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