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Punjab Kabaddi coaches start campaign to protect players from drugs

Sep 17, 2023

Numerous young adults in Punjab have lost their lives to drugs, and now some kabaddi players have fallen victim to this addiction as well. Kabaddi players utilize drugs and steroids to improve their performance. Due to narcotics and steroids, several kabaddi athletes had to pass away at a very early age. 

To save the players, the Punjabi Kabaddi coaches have launched the “Player Bachao” campaign. wherein kabaddi players will receive information on a healthy diet and learn about the steroid side effects. 

According to kabaddi coaches, some promoters manipulate player lives to enhance the image of their squad. The game of Kabaddi is our national game played on soil and mat, thus the coaches must hang together to protect it.

According to Makhan Singh DP, a number of Punjabi kabaddi players have developed serious drug addictions. Protein is more preferred by kabaddi players than diet. A high protein diet has also been blamed for the deaths of several kabaddi players.

Nowadays, the majority of kabaddi players use protein to get recognition as quickly as possible. Steroids and drug usage are the leading causes of mortality for athletes. Some kabaddi players take it in an effort to get fame or travel overseas as quickly as possible, but they are unaware of the risks that come with using this substance and steroids. 

The major cause of this is kabaddi players’ stupidity and lack of awareness about the usage of such products. Promoter of Kabaddi, according to Makhan Singh, should as well. that they ought to prevent the players from using medications and steroids. There are many reasons for such an inspiring campaign, first, to inspire the athletes to eat healthfully and also in order to stop kabaddi players from dying from proteins or steroids. 

Here, Makhan Singh added that Kabaddi is well-liked around the world. The Punjabi and international Kabaddi Federations should collaborate and support the player rescue effort. in order to showcase kabaddi in a neat and tidy manner. 

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