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U Mumba superstar speaks about his potential attack partner ahead of Pro Kabaddi League auctions 2023

Sep 11, 2023

Jai Bhagwan, the raider for U Mumba, has regularly displayed flashes of brilliance anytime he has been on the mat. Jai is an expert at obtaining the additional point because to his swift feet.

Jai interacted exclusively to Sportskeeda about his time representing India during the Junior World Kabaddi Championships previously this year, where they won after defeating Iran in the championship game.

Jai Bhagwan spoke about the opportunity as he got to represent his country “It was a pleasure to play for India. We had a great performance in the tournament and we won the gold. It was a great feeling to play in India. We had to do the same thing that was told by our coach, in the pressure situation. He told us that we are the best team and we should play like it. So we got the opportunity and we could perform well.”

Jai wanted to stay at U Mumba for an additional season and the brand granted his desire by keeping him on for Season 10. Jai is grateful for the chance to wear the orange shirt for another season because he’s always wanted to play for the Mumbai-based team.

Jai added, “I am very excited. I got a good opportunity in the first season and we will get even better in the second season. I am preparing well for it. I always wanted to play in U Mumba since when I began playing kabaddi. I wanted to play well in Mumbai and get a good opportunity. I got that opportunity and I have tried to do well.”

Bhagwan acknowledged that Anup, who served as India’s coach during the Junior World Kabaddi Championship, taught him and assisted him in developing his bonus-taking skills. Anup Kumar’s famed bonus points have sometimes been compared to those of the great Jai Bhagwan.

The raider “Yes, he was in the Junior World Cup with us. He taught me that if you take a bonus from both sides, you can get a bonus because I am quick.”

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