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‘We are working on our mistakes’ – Captain Pawan Sehrawat talks about India’s plans ahead of Asian Games 2023

Sep 13, 2023

Pawan Sehrawat the captian of the Indian Kabaddi Team at the Asian Kabaddi Championship said he wants to do well as a leader at the Asian Games and he is getting ready to strap in for the role. In a interview with Sportskeeda Pawan said that he spoke in detail about the teams preparation for the tournament and also talked about the mission he had in mind he wanted to win the Gold Medal for India.

Pawan also made made a big revelation saying that the team is doing a lot of analytics in terms of going in depth about the playing styles of each player and also finding about their strong points and weak points. By doing this the players will also look to polish any loose ends that they have.

“Every match, every team – there are different plans,” Sehrawat said. “The coaches are working on them. They are starting the videography – for which defense which raider is better.” “There is no such thing that only the right raider will win the tournament, or only the left raider will win the tournament. We are planning for that, we are working continuously,” the skipper added.

He further went on to add that they team are trying to improve and become a better side than ever before. Sehrawat added that they wanted to make their opportunities count at the Asian Games and learn from their mistakes at the Asian Kabaddi Championship.

“We worked a lot in the last camp. The mistakes we made – we are working on them. The moments where the tackle could have been made – we are working on it so that the tackle can be done, so that we grasp those moments,” Sehrawat said. The skipper said that India are upbeat about facing Iran in the Asian Games.

Sehrawat went on to say that Iran are good team and India will do whatever it takes to go toe to toe with them on the mat. Iran and India have had some fantastic battles in Kabaddi over the years and the two sides are going to come hard against each other at the Asian Games.

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