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Why should Kabaddi be a sport at the Olympics?

Mar 18, 2023

The Pro Kabaddi League deserves a lot of credit for the phenomenal growth that Kabaddi has experienced over the past eight years. The tournament is currently among the most popular sports leagues in India. It started in 2014 and quickly rose to become everyone’s favourite. Millions of people worldwide watch PKL, which has become a global brand.

Thus, the question of why kabaddi is not an Olympic sport emerges. The requirement that it be played in 75 nations on four continents prevents it from being a universal sport. In addition, several nations lack national federations, leagues, and competitions. Yet, there are many justifications for kabaddi’s inclusion in the Olympics.

Why should Kabaddi be included in the Olympics?

Supporters have always been up for a quick, action-packed game that keeps them entertained. Indeed, kabaddi is one among them. A 40-minute game is packed with great raiding from the players and extraordinary defending from both teams. Also, because matches only last a few minutes, many of them can be scheduled simultaneously or over the course of a few days. The enthusiasm for the game rises as the time runs out since the clock is constantly on the player’s mind.

There aren’t many sports that consistently provide close games, but Kabaddi is one of them. Time constraints make it easy to see the pressure at every round, and every player would either score points or make errors.

If Kabaddi is included in the Olympics, it will see even more close matches, similar to the Pro Kabaddi League. This will be wonderful for players, nations, fans, federations, and other organisations.

Aside from the World Cups that are held on a regular basis, Kabaddi is a component of the Asian Games, the South Asian Games, and the Asian Beach Games. Although being well-known worldwide, nations have not yet adopted the sport. Fans can only hope that the statistics will improve, and that Kabaddi will soon be played on the biggest sporting stage.

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