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“I Don’t Want This Fight to Go the Distance,” Canelo Alvarez says

Jul 28, 2022

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Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin made it apparent during a press conference in New York City on Monday to promote their September 17 fight that they don’t like each other. Promoter Eddie Hearn began by effectively providing Golovkin the opportunity to recant on some of his previous criticisms of Canelo. “I’m never going to say that I didn’t say what I said,” Golovkin’s response was straightforward. “September 17th is coming, whatever unfinished business we have, were going to meet each other in the ring and resolve it.”

Canelo, on the other hand, appeared to be in a state of hardly restrained anger. “I think this time is different,” he appeared to be referring to the news conference. “This is the person I am. I’m no try to be other person. That’s why I’m acting like this.” Nonetheless, Canelo was prepared to give credit where credit was due. “He’s a good fighter, he stated of Golovkin, “no doubt of that.” Canelo then went on to highlight what he saw to be a distinction between himself and Golovkin. “I’m willing to risk something to accomplish what I want,” he said.

Canelo is certain that he will defeat Golovkin in their third bout. That’s very understandable. The first Canelo-Golovkin fight resulted in a contentious draw, with many, if not most, observers believing Golovkin had done enough to earn the decision. In their second fight, the judges awarded Canelo the unanimous decision, which was once again controversial. Add to it the fact that many boxing fans believe Canelo receives too much attention from the judges in general, and it’s apparent why Canelo – who often challenges himself in the ring – wants to put an end to things definitively on September 17th.

“That’s my goal for this fight,” he responded, “and I’m very confident because he’s going to know I’m different…I’m just in my prime right now.” 

Whatever anybody says about Canelo and Golovkin’s prior two fights, they were nothing short of spectacular. Reading or hearing Canelo’s statements, it’s difficult not to get the feeling that he’s prepared to risk getting knocked out himself this time in order to knockout Golovkin. Indeed, daring. “I don’t want this fight to go the distance,” says the fighter. “I wish September 17 was today.” He’s not alone.

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