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In the Next Three to Four Years, Jake Paul Wants to Defend His Light Heavyweight Title in Boxing

Jul 29, 2022

Jake Paul, a social media influencer with a 5 to 0 professional boxing record, claimed on ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday that he wants to win the world title at light heavyweight in three to four years and “battle the biggest names in the sport.”

According to ESPN’s Mike Coppinger, Paul stated, “I’m going to keep on progressing each time and getting harder and harder fights.”

“The celebrity and basketball stuff, that’s sort of in the past. … [Boxing’s] my life. I don’t do anything else besides work on boxing from the time I wake up; it’s [a] morning practice. It’s yoga, it’s meditation, it’s film work. It’s talking with my coaches [for] hours on end about game plans and strategies. … I’m eating raw liver, I’m eating bone marrow. I’m doing every single thing I can to maximize [my] becoming the best boxer possible, and I know a lot of people are gunning for me. I know a lot of people want to see me lose.”

On August 6, Paul will face Hasim Rahman Jr. (12 to 1) in a fight. Paul will be facing a boxer with professional experience for the first time in that match.

His victories include victories over YouTuber AnEsonGib, former NBA player Nate Robinson, and UFC fighters Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren (twice).

Paul was scheduled to square off against Tommy Fury, a boxer who is Tyson Fury’s younger half-brother and a professional fighter. For unknown reasons, he was unable to enter the country in time for the fight.

Last Monday, Rahman agreed to the fight on short notice. For the battle, the heavyweight must adhere to a 200-pound cruiserweight restriction. He last checked in at 224 pounds on April 29 when he lost to James McKenzie Morrison via TKO in the fifth round.

In Madison Square Garden in New York, Paul and Rahman will square off.

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