Why Working with Robert Garcia “Makes Sense” for Anthony Joshua, According to Chris Algieri

Jul 29, 2022

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Chris Algieri acknowledges that he was first taken aback by Anthony Joshua’s decision to select Robert Garcia as his new primary trainer. This was not because Garcia was not a top-tier trainer; rather, it was because Garcia was not well-known for working with heavyweight fighters.

Algieri, who claims to have trained with Garcia personally, has given the situation more thought and now thinks the two might make a solid team since Garcia possesses several qualities that Joshua might find advantageous in his upcoming rematch with Oleksandr Usyk.

Aligeri continued by stating that, even if the two complement one another well, it is very challenging to generate significant improvements in a fighter’s style in only one training camp, particularly one who is so far along in his professional career.

Algieri believes that Joshua’s ability to relay and put Garcia’s teachings into practice will be what is most telling. It is highly improbable that Joshua will transform into a come-forward brawler for this rematch, but Algieri would go on to remark that Joshua may succeed fighting in a boxer-puncher style, especially since Robert Garcia himself fought in such a way when he was a professional fighter.

Although it is yet unclear how well this will all work out for Joshua, the audience will not have to wait long to see the consequences of the move because Joshua will next face Usyk on August 20.

Why is Robert Garcia a good match for Anthony Joshua, a previous heavyweight champion? Chris Algieri, a former junior welterweight champion, said to Sky Sports, “Pedigree for one.” The English fighter Anthony Joshua has signed up with the renowned American trainer in order to be ready for his rematch against Oleksandr Usyk, who stole his title belts last autumn. Algieri, who has already collaborated with Garcia, supports the relationship. “One thing about Robert,” according to Algieri, is that he is an absolute professional. He gives his guys so much of himself. A trainer, a former fighter, and former world champion as well, he understands what a fighter needs.”

When Joshua lost against Usyk last year, it was clear that he needed a new approach. On his way to an underdog victory, the former cruiserweight outboxed the tall Londoner while being flustered. Only a few weeks prior, the world believed that Tyson Fury, another heavyweight champion, would be Joshua’s opponent. Anthony Joshua, who was once again dethroned, was what the world received instead. But Joshua quickly entered for a rematch, just like he had done after he initially lost his titles back in 2019. In 2019, Andy Ruiz was the one who removed Joshua’s championship belts. It should go without saying that Joshua easily reclaimed them from Ruiz six months later. However, many believe Usyk will be a bigger task for Joshua than Ruiz was.

Joshua would likely agree, given that he switched to Garcia from Robert McCracken to prepare for this rematch. Naturally, Garcia has earned a lot of respect in the sport over the years by coaching athletes like his brother Mikey, Marcos Maidana, and others. He’s one of those guys,” Algieri claims, “and he knows how to play the fight game.” He possesses a very unique sight that enables him to recognize certain fighters’ abilities in the ring.

Garcia, though, is a character who Algieri views as having something additional to offer. From that perspective, it makes sense because of the type of person he is: “I trust this man, he’s going to watch out for me, he’s going to do what needs to be done,” Algieri adds. Does Algieri, who is well-versed in the fight industry, have any insight into what Joshua can do to defeat Usyk this time around? Maybe not so much on paper, but in terms of personality, it does. 

“If he just tries to box Usyk he’s going to lose,” says Algieri, “he’s going to get outboxed. But if he’s a boxer-puncher, which he actually naturally is, I think he stands a good chance.” The Usyk-Joshua rematch will take place on August 20 in Saudi Arabia, the country where Joshua first successfully defended his heavyweight championships. 

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