All the Pitch Reports and Facts of the Pitches That Will Be Used in the Ongoing Icc Women’s World Cup Cricket Tournament

Mar 9, 2022

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The 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup Tournament that kick-started a few days ago in New Zealand is one of the most thrilling women’s tournaments in the history of women’s cricket. This tournament will be played in six cities across New Zealand namely Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin, Hamilton, Tauranga, and wellington. These cities hold the pitches where these matches will be played at.

Below, we have discussed the pitch report for each one of the pitches. This will aid you when predicting the outcome of a game so that you can place your bet appropriately. This is because a pitch in cricket affects the outcomes of a game.

If a pitch is hard, then the ball is bound to bounce but if it is softer, then the balls won’t bounce that much. This bouncing of the ball affects the pace that the ball reaches to the batsman after delivery at a particular pace by a bowler. This is why a pitch report should be considered when looking at a cricket match review.

    Full Name: University Oval
    Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
    Operator: Not Known
    Capacity: 3500
    Surface: Mostly Low-Scoring Pitch
    Floodlights: No
    End names: Southern End, Northern End
    Boundary Length (Dimension):
    Also known as University Oval Stadium | University Oval Ground
    This deck is traditionally green in the beginning, offering assistance to the pacemen early on, but after that, it’s good for batting. This is why teams tend to give their bowlers the ball first up, though a below-par attack will come unstuck.
    Full Name: Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui
    Location: Mount Maunganui, New Zealand
    Curator: Les Burdett
    Capacity: 10,000
    Floodlights: Yes
    This is a batting pitch. Many games that have been played on this ground have seen teams batting post a total of 150 and more In their scorecard. The fast bowlers also are at an advantage as they scalp more wickets than the slow ones in this pitch.
    Home Team: Auckland
    Capacity: 41000
    End names: City End, Sandringham End
    Country: New Zealand
    City: Auckland
    Venue: Eden Park, Auckland
    Established: 1900
    Eden Park is also another batting pitch with teams batting first winning most of the matches. Expect teams batting first in this pitch to have a win.
    Home Team: Wellington
    Capacity: 11,600
    End names: Vance Stand End, Scoreboard End
    Floodlights; yes
    Location: Wellington, New Zealand
    Known As: Basin Reserve
    Like other New Zealand pitches, Wellington has been a paradise for the fast bowlers. The batsmen in this pitch struggle with the deliveries being made by the bowlers. Teams bowling first in this pitch have a higher chance of winning than the batting team.
    Known As: Hagley Oval
    Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
    Floodlights: Yes
    Capacity: 20,000
    Ends: Port Hills end, Botanic gardens end
    Home to: Canterbury
    The pitch at the Hagley Oval in Christchurch has equal purchase for both batters and bowlers. The deck offers a good pace and bounce throughout the five days. The seamers can dictate the game provided they keep their line and length correct. Meanwhile, the batters can also make a difference in the game if they are technically sound and play with caution.
    It is hard to break partnerships in the stadium once the batters are set. Also, New Zealand has a fabulous record in the purest format of the game at Hagley Oval. The host has played a total of eight matches on the surface and ended up winning six games.
    Full Name: Seddon Park
    Location: Hamilton Central, Hamilton, New Zealand
    Operator: Not Known
    Capacity: 10,000
    Surface: Mostly Batting Pitch
    Floodlights: Yes
    End names: Members End, City End
    Boundary Length (Dimension):
    Also known as Seddon Park Stadium | Seddon Park Ground
    Seddon Park, unlike many of the grounds in New Zealand, is circular and was originally designed for cricket. From good batting strips, it has nine pitches on its center surface that may be utilized for play or training. At all times, the scoreboard at this venue shows the names of everyone on both teams.
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