Factors to Consider When Betting on Cricket

Sep 3, 2021

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Due to the increased popularity of cricket, it is no longer viewed as just sports but as a religion especially in the regions of India and Bangladesh. It is the second most popular sport globally after football which means that there is a chance of making extreme profits if you bet on it correctly.
So you want to bet on cricket and win a huge sum of money? we have you covered. We have provided for you some of the factors that affect cricket games and if observed correctly, they may lead you o the right path to make some money through your bets.

  • Pay close attention to the weather forecast
    Any professional cricket punter keeps an eye on the weather forecast before placing their bets. Any weather condition affects a cricket match on either side. A dry and sunny weather condition will be an advantage to the batsmen side but overcast weather will favor the bowling team. A rainy weather condition affects both sides and there are high chances of a draw on both teams as fewer crickets are played.
    It is important to check the weather when the game is being played because cricket is the most affected sport by weather. This might save you some money or even give you a chance to win some cash on your bets.
  • The pitch grounds
    It is equally important to also pay close attention to the condition of the pitch that is being used because it is a variable that can greatly affect the quality of the match at hand. It can either be influenced by the weather condition of the area or by the surface that the grounds men have given it. Some grounds in the dry area in India will have a dry surface which means that the bowlers will have the advantage. Such grounds assist spin bowlers who like to create an impact. You can also review previous matches that were played on the same pitch and determine whether some players performed extremely well compared to their opponents and so forth.
  • The coin toss
    Some of the factors that also affect the outcomes of the cricket matches are the in-play factors. At the start of the cricket game, a coin is tossed and the captain that wins the coin toss decides whether his team will be bowling or bats. It has been found that there is a 34% chance that the team that wins the coin toss wins the game.
  • Overall team experience
    Although it might seem like an obvious point to check when making your bet, the team’s overall experience in bowling and batting always has a huge impact on the outcome of the match. this however does not come by referring to the time the teams have been playing. Also, if the teams that are playing are not accustomed to the other team’s play technique, they might be at a disadvantage of each other.

Now that you have these important factors that you can put into consideration when you are betting, why don’t you go on and find a trusted website where you can bet on your favorite team and make some cash out of it.

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