How a Cricket Game Works

Sep 3, 2021

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Cricket is the second most famous sport after football. Well, you might be asking yourself, “what is cricket?” We are here to answer you that.

Cricket is a team sport that is played by two teams comprising of eleven players each. A formal cricket game can last anything from one afternoon to several days and so forth. Cricket is similar to baseball although the gameplay and rules are quite different. the game is all about the batting team trying to bat in successive innings and score runs, while their opponent tries to end the batting team’s innings After each playing team has batted an equal number of innings, the team that has scored the most runs is the winning team.

The start of the team’s play is determined by a coin toss. The captain of the team that wins the coin toss is the one that chooses whether to bat or field first. All the eleven players go out in the field, two from the batting team take up their post on the bat and the others wait off in the field until it is their turn to bat. Every batsman wears protective gear and always has a cricket bat.

The team that is fielding disperses itself out in the field and players stand strategically in positions designed to the batting team from scoring successful runs or to get the batsmen out. One player in the fielding team is the bowler. What he does is he takes the ball, stands a distance away behind the wickets. Another team member of the fielding team is the wickets keeper who wears a glove intending to catch the ball and also a protective pad that protects the shin. The rest of the team wears no special pieces of equipment for aiding to catch the ball.

The batting man(batsman) stands in front of the wicket ready to hit the ball with his bat. The non-sticker is always behind waiting to make a run while the bowler is the one who takes a run-up behind the non-striker. He bowls the ball towards the striker who attempts to hit the ball using the bat. incase the striker misses, the wicketkeeper catches the ball and it is considered complete but in case the striker hits the ball, the two batsmen run to score. If the runs are complete, the ball is also considered complete. the ball is termed as in play from the very moment the bowler starts the run-up. It remains in play until any of the above conditions occurs after where it is called dead. The ball is also dead if it lodges in the striker’s equipment. The dead ball is returned to the bowler so that the next delivery is done.

If you want to catch all the matches in cricket, why not watch out for the ongoing Caribbean Premier League (CPLT20) that has been ongoing since 26th August and will end on 15th September and is being held in the West Indies.

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