IPL 2024: Fans slam Dale Steyn for his tweet on Kwena Maphaka’s dismal debut during SRH vs MI clash

Mar 28, 2024

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In the eighth match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024, Mumbai Indians‘ debutant, 17-year-old Kwena Maphaka, faced a tough initiation into the world of professional cricket. Making his debut against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) on March 27, Maphaka started promisingly, conceding just seven runs in his first over. However, the remainder of his spell turned disastrous as he was unable to contain the Hyderabad batsmen.

Maphaka ended up conceding a whopping 66 runs in his four overs, remaining wicketless. His performance marked the most expensive spell by an IPL debutant, drawing significant attention from cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Dale Steyn’s observation on Kwena Maphaka

In response to Maphaka’s challenging performance, esteemed South African fast bowler Dale Steyn expressed his view that the young cricketer had gained insight into the disparity between U19 cricket and the intensity of the IPL.

“Maphaka realizing the difference between U19 and the PRO league. Baptism of fire,” Steyn wrote on the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter).

Maphaka realizing the difference between U19 and the PRO league.

Baptism of fire.

— Dale Steyn (@DaleSteyn62) March 27, 2024

Notably, the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium witnessed a high-scoring spectacle as Hyderabad achieved their highest-ever IPL total, culminating at 277/3 after 20 overs. Heinrich Klaasen led the charge with an unbeaten 80, supported by Abhishek Sharma and Travis Head, who contributed 63 and 62 runs respectively.

Fans slam Steyn for his tweet

Meanwhile, Steyn’s analysis on Maphaka didn’t go down well with many fans as they slammed the former South African pacer for his tweet. While some may have perceived Steyn’s comment as a light-hearted observation, many fans took offense to it, viewing it as criticism rather than constructive feedback.

The backlash against Steyn was swift and intense, with numerous fans expressing their disappointment with his remarks. Many fans argued that instead of criticizing Maphaka, a young talent experiencing the pressures of top-level cricket, Steyn should have offered words of encouragement and support. The discontent among fans was palpable across social media platforms, with a flurry of tweets condemning Steyn’s approach.

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Here is how fans reacted:

The year is 2012. You were at your peak vs AB. He smashed you for 23.

Baptism of Fire for an experienced world class bowler. https://t.co/3qDscowmjo pic.twitter.com/9Vm8sAxAN6

— Tshemedi (@RealTshemedi) March 28, 2024

I thought you was different https://t.co/wC0C0kzMKz pic.twitter.com/FMgfbAZPoI

— Thebe_ (@foreverThebe) March 28, 2024

Kwena Maphaka (17 year old) is our rising black diamond who has achieved what no other player has ever achieved in a single U19 World Cup.

You are an old, bitter and over-celebrated white doos who choked at every World Cup tournament.

He does not need your validation, ST*U! https://t.co/Dm43eNoDS3 pic.twitter.com/kvguiaysAn

— Sihle Lonzi (@SihleLonzi) March 28, 2024

You still have nothing to show for your stellar bowling and your senior debut wasn’t even the best. https://t.co/eWaSkD6xim

— Thamsanqa (@TaSanqa) March 28, 2024

All bowlers bar Bumrah got smashed, INCLUDING COETZEE, but it’s a 17 year old debutant who gets mocked by a “legend” from his own country, while West Indies legends offer him words of encouragement. Makhaya Ntini was right about SA Cricket. https://t.co/Ida37oLvMz pic.twitter.com/dGjppOqYQG

— Nchema (@ShottaZee) March 28, 2024

Not a single sentiment about Gerald Cotzee’s bowling… who actually got his balls smashed as well. Makhaya Ntini was right. https://t.co/xfKqJP54s2

— Tshepo (@TshepoL_) March 28, 2024

He is 17 on debut, couldn’t you just congratulate the young fella or just keep quiet? 🚮🚮🚮 https://t.co/HEKSCMKivs

— Callie (@CalliePhakathi) March 28, 2024

Wena @DaleSteyn62 show us a post where you appreciated Maphaka when he was on fire in the recent under 19 World Cup. If you can’t, then your heart is darker than the apartheid government. https://t.co/ktGJ5SJq7h

— Dabane The Darling (@Sgadi28) March 28, 2024

The much hyped Coetzee went for 60 runs in 4 overs, but hey!!! let’s throw a young kid under the bus!!
Legends across nationalities are losing their sh*t all together! https://t.co/lyMhv78ZRl

— Gagan Chawla (@toecrushrzzz) March 28, 2024

Says the guy who lost us the WC semifinal https://t.co/qGn7oz6sal

— Sineletu 🇿🇦🇨🇩🇵🇸 (@Ruga_Sine12) March 28, 2024

This is kind of gross coming from a legend of the game. Kwena is 17 years old, 17.

Even at 30+ years with all your experience, you also had bad games, no? https://t.co/oTEx3htZir

— 🇿🇦🇿🇦 Sabeeha Majid 🏏 (@SabeehaMajid) March 27, 2024

Such a wild take when almost every other bowler got tap https://t.co/biXiD9JCQ5

— Thomas Mlambo (@thomasmlambo) March 28, 2024

How Can You Write This dale?…I didn’t know Yo Can be This Evil… https://t.co/XGgaqxh9q0

— SAMMY (@SAMMY50277422) March 28, 2024

He’s a 17-year-old who got the call to join the team a few days before the tournament started. Give him grace. It’s the biggest league in the world, he knows he’s not playing his age mates.

There’s a condescending tone/attitude about this post. https://t.co/b8on3D6cRd

— Mawande Mateza (@Mawandinho) March 28, 2024

All the bowlers got smashed and you decided to pick on a 17 year old debutant? Sies🙄 https://t.co/ZQ63KBa4F0

— Carol Mosweu (@carolmos14) March 28, 2024

You could’ve chosen to show support and encouraged the 17yr old but instead you showed your fear and chose whatever you think this is! Sad! https://t.co/YryruqCs5I

— Andile Ncube (@AndileNcube) March 28, 2024

We really be watching an applauding fools. As soon as they stop playing, they show their true colors. What a foolish tweet. https://t.co/lLZ9bZcL1c

— khumoApril (@JERRY_DAMSON) March 28, 2024

You know what’s disheartening about this tweet… all bowlers were expensive, every single one of them in that match but Dale Steyn chooses to single just one out… like he has never had such matches. Terrible. https://t.co/xfKqJP54s2

— Tshepo (@TshepoL_) March 28, 2024

about a 17 years old making his debut on a world stage .. from someone who he probably looks up to, do better dale. https://t.co/8hxeTuVTuu

— 🇨🇩🇵🇸🇸🇩 (@InDiWey_) March 28, 2024

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