Major League Cricket (MLC) 2024: Broadcast, live streaming details – When and Where to watch in India, US, UK, Australia & other countries

Jul 5, 2024

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Major League Cricket (MLC) has returned with a bang for the highly anticipated second season, captivating cricket enthusiasts worldwide with an opening match between MI New York and Seattle Orcas. The match, scheduled to be held at Morrisville’s renowned cricket ground, marks the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating season of cricketing action.

The MLC Season 2 features six dynamic teams, each eager to showcase their prowess in the sport. The lineup includes the Los Angeles Knight Riders, MI New York, San Francisco Unicorns, Seattle Orcas, Texas Super Kings, and Washington Freedom. With the participation of notable Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise owners, the league has garnered significant attention for its blend of international talent and strategic cricketing acumen.

Unlike the inaugural season, which followed a single round-robin format leading into knockout rounds, Season 2 introduces an enhanced structure. Teams will engage in a rigorous schedule of 7 league games before progressing to the knockout phase. The culmination of the season promises to deliver intense competition, with the final showdown set to take place on July 28, spanning venues in both Morrisville and Dallas.

MLC 2024, complete fixtures and match timings:

Timings (IST)
Timings (GMT)
Local Time

Jul 05, Fri
MI New York vs Seattle Orcas, 1st Match
Jul 06, 01:00 AM
Jul 06, 19:30 GMT
03:30 PM (Jul 05)

Jul 06, Sat
Texas Super Kings vs Los Angeles Knight Riders, 2nd Match
Jul 06, 06:00 AM
Jul 06, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 05)

Jul 06, Sat
Washington Freedom vs MI New York, 3rd Match
Jul 07, 12:30 AM
Jul 07, 19:00 GMT
03:00 PM (Jul 06)

Jul 07, Sun
San Francisco Unicorns vs Los Angeles Knight Riders, 4th Match
Jul 08, 06:00 AM
Jul 08, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 07)

Jul 08, Mon
Washington Freedom vs Texas Super Kings, 5th Match
Jul 09, 01:30 AM
Jul 09, 19:00 GMT
04:00 PM (Jul 08)

Jul 09, Tue
Los Angeles Knight Riders vs Seattle Orcas, 6th Match
Jul 10, 06:00 AM
Jul 10, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 09)

Jul 10, Wed
San Francisco Unicorns vs Texas Super Kings, 7th Match
Jul 11, 12:30 AM
Jul 11, 19:00 GMT
03:00 PM (Jul 10)

Jul 11, Thu
Seattle Orcas vs Washington Freedom, 8th Match
Jul 12, 06:00 AM
Jul 12, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 11)

Jul 12, Fri
MI New York vs Texas Super Kings, 9th Match
Jul 13, 12:30 AM
Jul 13, 19:00 GMT
03:00 PM (Jul 12)

Jul 13, Sat
Los Angeles Knight Riders vs San Francisco Unicorns, 10th Match
Jul 14, 12:30 AM
Jul 14, 19:00 GMT
03:00 PM (Jul 13)

Jul 14, Sun
Washington Freedom vs Los Angeles Knight Riders, 11th Match
Jul 15, 01:00 AM
Jul 15, 19:30 GMT
03:30 PM (Jul 14)

Jul 14, Sun
Texas Super Kings vs MI New York, 12th Match
Jul 15, 06:00 AM
Jul 15, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 14)

Jul 15, Mon
Seattle Orcas vs San Francisco Unicorns, 13th Match
Jul 16, 01:00 AM
Jul 16, 19:00 GMT
03:30 PM (Jul 15)

Jul 16, Tue
MI New York vs Washington Freedom, 14th Match
Jul 17, 06:00 AM
Jul 17, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 16)

Jul 17, Wed
Seattle Orcas vs Los Angeles Knight Riders, 15th Match
Jul 18, 12:30 AM
Jul 18, 19:00 GMT
03:00 PM (Jul 17)

Jul 18, Thu
MI New York vs San Francisco Unicorns, 16th Match
Jul 19, 06:00 AM
Jul 19, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 18)

Jul 19, Fri
Texas Super Kings vs Washington Freedom, 17th Match
Jul 20, 06:00 AM
Jul 20, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 19)

Jul 20, Sat
San Francisco Unicorns vs Seattle Orcas, 18th Match
Jul 21, 06:00 AM
Jul 21, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 20)

Jul 21, Sun
Los Angeles Knight Riders vs MI New York, 19th Match
Jul 22, 06:00 AM
Jul 22, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 21)

Jul 22, Mon
San Francisco Unicorns vs Washington Freedom, 20th Match
Jul 23, 06:00 AM
Jul 23, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 22)

Jul 23, Tue
Texas Super Kings vs Seattle Orcas, 21st Match
Jul 24, 06:00 AM
Jul 24, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 23)

Jul 24, Wed
TBC vs TBC, Eliminator (3 v 4)
Jul 25, 06:00 AM
Jul 25, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 24)

Jul 25, Thu
TBC vs TBC, Qualifier (1 v 2)
Jul 26, 06:00 AM
Jul 26, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 25)

Jul 26, Fri
TBC vs TBC, Challenger
Jul 27, 06:00 AM
Jul 27, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 26)

Jul 28, Sun
TBC vs TBC, Final
Jul 29, 06:00 AM
Jul 29, 00:30 GMT
07:30 PM (Jul 28)

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TV channels and Live streaming details:

India: JioCinema
Australia and New Zealand: Prime Video
United Kingdom and Ireland: TNT Sports
USA and Canada: Sling TV – Willow TV (sign up here)
South Africa: SuperSport
Middle East and North Africa: Cricbuzz
Pakistan: A Sports
Sub Saharan Africa: ESPN+ (sign up here)

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