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Sarfaraz seeks redemption, saying there is but more to be done

Jan 8, 2023

NATIONAL STADIUM, Karachi – Sarfaraz Ahmed gave Pakistan a tiny chance of victory. Sarfaraz, despite his inability to orchestrate an improbable triumph for Pakistan, earned his place on the honors board that day unlike few other Karachi teenagers had.

With a grin on his face and his five-year-old kid by his side, he walked into the room with blazing passion.  As he described what had just occurred, time appeared to have stopped. He talked about the four years leading up to the series, that particular inning, and the entire series. Half past six on a Friday night in Karachi saw people looking for excuses to leave work early as they prepared for the weekend. Nobody was leaving this workplace, though.

Journalists raved to be there, whenever Sarfaraz Ahmed was there. A media sensation. In spite of constant ridicule, many of them had preserved Sarfaraz’s name in the public eye during the years he was away from the team. Now that his name has made a reappearance, they are in Karachi and other places, and they are there to participate in the win.

It can be simple to wonder why there is such a commotion over Sarfaraz from the outside. He is a steady hitter who established a strong career for himself and established himself as a cornerstone of Pakistan’s middle order in all formats. Although he never showed a remarkable gift, he did pick up the abilities needed to live and flourish. His acting debut as the dozy Kamran Akmal behind the goal posts was met with a great deal of enthusiasm. Mohammad Rizwan, who is 35 years old and undeniably past his prime, is Pakistan’s substitute.

For most of the previous four years, Sarfaraz oversaw the drinks. He was supposed to put out a fire just here. Since there were still more than two sessions and a lengthy tail to follow, there wasn’t a hosepipe long enough to accomplish this.

Since the assault started, Bracewell has been devastated for numbers four and six. Sarfaraz moves into the 1990s and employs the time-honored slight nudge past cover to extract another pair, needing just two more to achieve three figures. It’s perhaps fitting that Sarfaraz took two people to get where he is because he had to go far back and forth to get there. The man kneels down as the audience rises to cheer. Six punches are thrown to the ground, more for therapeutic purposes than for enjoyment.

However, the laborious work of this cricketer is not yet fully done. Sarfaraz is substituted by Bracewell of all people 15 minutes before the game ends, therefore he won’t be there to watch his team to victory. With just one wicket remaining, Pakistan is only 15 runs away from the triumph he had predicted for them, so they will have to settle for a draw. 

With Sarfaraz, there are always tasks to complete, goals to pursue, and a redemption arc to start.

Even though the press conference must come to an end eventually, Sarfaraz’s interactions with the media will likely continue. A mob gathers around him as he makes preparations to leave the room. Sarfaraz alternates between giving hugs to many of the journalists. Some are dragged into a tighter, more passionate hug before he is led into the next hall and ushered to the honors board where he signs his name with his son by his side and shaky hands.

There will soon be a permanent gold ink mark on it. Not only does Sarfaraz belong on the honor roll and in this grade, but he also belongs in this city because he is both a native son and a member of the royal family.

He will never forget this day in Karachi, regardless of what happens after this. And Karachi will be pleased to inform everyone else that they may reach Sarfaraz Ahmed at any time.

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