Starc: “Tests always far surpass the white-ball variety of cricket”

Nov 23, 2022

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SYDNEY, Australia – “I don’t believe I can [continue] playing three formats for a significant amount of time in the future.”

Mitchell Starc stated he will retire from playing white-ball cricket gradually so he can continue playing red-ball cricket, stating that test cricket is “way beyond” the other formats.

Throughout the Ashes series, Pakistan and Sri Lanka trips, and another Test matches last season, Starc, 32, was a constant in Australia’s Test lineup. He now has his sights set on a second lengthy stint in the format, beginning the following week in Perth against the West Indies, the first five home Tests, then four in India, a potential World Test Championship final, and the Ashes in England.

In addition, he will play a key role in Australia’s plans for the upcoming ODI World Cup in India. However, Starc also said that he still has hope of competing in the 2024 T20 World Cup despite being cut from the team for the most recent tournament, suggesting that his 50-over career may come to an end at that point.

Following the second ODI against England, he declared: “Tests are always first…far above white-ball [cricket].” I would like to, selection and form pending, continue playing Test cricket as long as I can. I’ll decide on the rest as I go, depending on where my body is and how I feel about it.

Starc decided against playing in the IPL because he wanted to be as fresh as possible for Test cricket. Given the demanding nature of the international schedule, he claimed it is impossible to play every match in every format, and he hinted that the day might not be far off when one version of the game is abandoned.

To play every game as a three-format player at the present is undoubtedly unrealistic, he remarked. “Over the past few years, we’ve observed that occasionally two Australian teams are competing in different continents and formats at the same time.

They turn on a series when they notice a break. “I believe that taking those breaks to rest may help me maintain my bowling pace for a while. I don’t believe I will be able to play three formats for a very long time from this point forward.”

Starc also expressed pity for the fans after the Adelaide and Sydney matches attracted 15,420 and 16,993 fans, respectively, sparking further discussion about the overbooked schedule and the future of the ODI format.

Every day there is a game, he remarked. “We’ve gone from a T20 World Cup to a three-match one-day series to five Tests, the WBBL is currently in its finals, then you’ve got the BBL, we travel to India for Tests and white-ball [cricket], the girls have got a T20 World Cup into the IPL; it’s not for me to sit here and decide on a timetable, but it is what it is.”

Australia’s quicks are getting their Test preparation from the current ODI series against England, another effect of the packed schedule, although they are getting used to not playing four days of cricket and some even think it provides for a more controlled build-up.

“For us players, especially us bowlers, it is nothing new”, Starc remarked. “I suppose that will be evident in the Test matches, but as far as preparation goes, we’re all very experienced and aware of what we need.

I definitely don’t want to be managed on the number of overs I have to bowl if we’re playing Shield games. If I’m there to play the game, and if I need to bowl more, I prefer to bowl more. It has happened in the past where I’ve been dragged out of the first innings and not been able to participate in the second innings.”

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