Kabaddi becomes third most googled topic in India in 2023

Jan 1, 2024

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Kabaddi has been one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. In the last few years, the popularity of the sport has been incredible. Particularly in India, Kabaddi has emerged to be the second most popular sport. The fact that a cricket-mad nation also loves a sport like Kabaddi has been possible due to the promotion of the sport at the grassroots levels and the globalization of PKL. 

In fact, Fazel Atrachali, the captain of Gujarat Giants, had pointed out the same before the start of the 13th edition of the league. Fazel had claimed PKL to be highly responsible for the popularity of the sport at the global level. For the first 4 matches of PKL 2023, there was a viewership of over 80.1 million recorded across various platforms. Compared to the previous edition, a staggering growth of 38 per cent was witnessed in the opening weekend.

When the league started in 2014, not many anticipated it to be a huge success like it is today. There was a belief that a sport that is so rooted in the Indian culture and involves less glamour might not turn out to be a success. But the scepticism is no more a reality as Kabaddi was marketed well by the broadcasters. There were tweaks in some rules and modern amenities were used for the players in the league.

As a result, Kabaddi is now a Top 3 googled topic in 2023. PKL has played a crucial role in it, which has enabled the youngsters to think about playing the sport. In the “How to…” category, the question “How to get good at kabaddi” was found to be the third most googled topic in India in 2023. It was only behind “How to prevent sun damage for skin and hair with home remedies” and “How to reach my first 5K followers on YouTube”, respectively in the top 3 most searched topics.

The Yuva Kabaddi series was very popular in 2023. There was a huge attention from the media and it was considered as a competition where the future stars would be born. The U Mumba CEO credited the same for the popularity of the sport at the Grassroots level. “Personally, through the strides made in kabaddi through the Yuva Kabaddi series, we have witnessed a substantial boost at the grassroots level and its positive impact extending to the Pro Kabaddi League,” said Suhail Chandhok. 

The U Mumba CEO said that investing in youth has led to the empowerment of the sport at different levels. “Our investment in young talent is yielding results and we are confident that we are on the right track in terms of empowering the youth through sport,” he further added. In fact, PKL received high praises in the past from many sports lovers and administrators.

The CEO of Mashal Sports and league commissioner of PKL in 2018 had claimed that India’s popularity in sports is around building star players. Anupam Goswami said that there is a need to promote these stars as role models for youth. “In a nation as diversified as India, one form of solidarity works around heroes. We have to look for heroes from sport, make them role models and icons,” said Goswami.

Anupam claimed that PKL has helped the players to evolve in Kabaddi through the years. He added that PKL is helping players to make careers. He felt that due to the grassroots level of concentration on the sport, there have been academies coming up in various parts of the country. “Some of our heroes have evolved through PKL. This league is creating careers. In places where kabaddi has a strong grassroots presence, there is a mushrooming of academies,” added Goswami.

Anupam concluded by saying that the parents and families in India are willing to send the young players and their children to pursue Kabaddi as a career option. He compared cricket with Kabaddi and said that just like all the cricketers wish to play in the IPL, the Kabaddi players wish to play in PKL similarly. “Families are increasingly confident of putting their youth into Pro Kabaddi. All cricketers would like to play the IPL and all kabaddi players want to play PKL,” concluded Anupam.

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