Killer of International Kabaddi player Sandeep finally arrested while attempting another murder

Sep 15, 2023

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Harry Rajpura, the most wanted criminal sharpshooter in Punjab, was captured by Counter Intelligence (IC) of the Special Cell of the Delhi Police. In the middle of a crowd of hundreds of people, he had shot and murdered Punjab’s International Circle Style Kabaddi star Sandeep Nangal with around 20 gunshots in broad daylight.

Last year, Harry orchestrated the incident at the command of Canadian mobster Sarovar Dhillon. In order to assassinate a young man, he had now travelled to Faridabad, a town near Delhi.

Inspector Nishant Dahiya and SI Manjeet were monitoring the criminals in Delhi and the surrounding states under the direction of ACP Rahul Vikram. After a number of months of inquiries, it was discovered that Harry Rajpura, the most wanted criminal in Punjab, planned to kill a young person in Faridabad. Faridabad was detained as the team encircled him. Its possession included a Star handgun and 10 ammunition valued at Rs. 4–5 lakh.

He is mobster Kaushal’s accomplice. Punjab Police may haul him in pursuant to a production warrant after the Delhi Police’s investigation is over. Harry has disclosed that Sanovar had recently instructed him that he needed to do a significant task in Haryana.

The defendant used to run and produce a radio programme. Sanovar, an Amritsar native, has been residing in Canada for a while. He produces and directs Canadian radio and television programmes. Sukhwinder Singh, also known as Sukha Duneke or Sukh Singh, resides in the Moga village of Duneke.

The majority of the major players were connected to Major League Kabaddi, despite our requests for Kabaddi professionals from Punjab and the neighbouring areas to become members of the federation. Major League Kabaddi was once run by Sandeep. Sandeep is also invited by Sanovar to join the league, but he declines.

Additionally, Sanowar pushed a few players to become part of the federation, but none was prepared. Dhillon’s federation collapsed as a result. Sanovar was unable to accept the federation’s collapse. He plotted to kill Sandeep in addition to Jagjit Gandhi as well as Sukhwinder Sukha as a result of their rivalry.

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