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Pro Kabaddi League 2022 U Mumba vs Telugu Titans Match Prediction

Nov 2, 2022

The last time these two sides met, Telugu Titans were still sorting out internal issues while U Mumba was playing safe. U Mumba beat the Titans successfully as the Mumba raiders and defenders looted points at will. But things are changing as Telugu Titans finally got to taste victory as they beat the Jaipur Pink Panthers. U Mumba is also having new problems to be solved as they do not have a lot of variety in their raiding department. Whenever their defense fails they are in a lot of trouble and they are forced to play safe.

Raiders Rajneesh and Adarsh have started to look dangerous as the Titans have given tough fights to their opponents in their last few games. This may spell trouble for U Mumba. U Mumba will also be grappling with the fitness of raider Ajith who looked in a lot of discomfort in the last game.

This will be an entertaining game as both sides will try to outwit each other. This will also be a high-scoring game as both sides leak points and stay in the fight till the end.


U Mumba Preview

U Mumba has always been a side heavily reliant on their defense. Raiders Abhishek Singh is their spearhead while Ajith has provided very good support. Both raiders have accumulated 158 raid points between them. But U Mumba has always struggled with their third raider. They have tried Ajinkya Kapre in that role but they are still forced to fall back on their all-rounders. Captain Fazel Attrachali has entertained everyone and defenders Rinku and Harendra have provided able support.

But U Mumba has been a slow starter and in most matches has lagged behind the opposition. They come back strongly in the second half but they are not able to maneuver the game. They were forced to TIE the game against Gujarat Fortune Giants, a match they should have won. That’s why they find themselves in the 6th spot in the points table with 3 victories and 5 Tied games.

U Mumba will have to change their mindset and start dominating the games rather than playing safe all the time. If they continue with their current strategy they will struggle to end in the top 6 teams.

Telugu Titans Preview

They say there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The Telugu Titans believed in this proverb for a long time. After struggling for the first part of the season, finally, they were able to win a match as they beat the Jaipur Pink Panthers. After grappling with Bahubali Siddharth Jadhav being out of form and then injured, scratching defences to learn to live without stars, Titans have come a long way. 

Now they have a good team of raiders in the form of Rajneesh, Ankit Beniwal, Rakesh Gowda, Galla Raju, and Adarsh. Adarsh also serves as a left corner and he executed a Super raid in the last match. Defender Prince and left corner Sandeep Kandola are working well which has helped the Titans score tackle points. This has given a lot of balance to the Titans and that has helped them improve their performance in the last few games.

Siddarth Desai has recovered and he may be part of the team that will take on U Mumba. This will be a big boost for the Titans and they have got the tonic of their first victory.

The last few games have been tight for the Titans as they lost to UP Yodha and then to the Bengal Warriors by just 1 point. They went on to beat the Jaipur Pink Panthers by 1 point.


Winning Prediction

This is expected to be an entertaining match high on emotions. The Telugu Titans have just won their first game and this will give them a lot of hope. They will also expect Siddharth Desai to be fit and he can join the team. Telugu Titans look very strong in their raiding department and this may help upset U Mumba. Rajneesh has the highest strike rate with 63 points in 7 games. 

U Mumba will once again depend on Abhishek Singh to provide the earnings from raids. It will have to be seen whether raider Ajith is fully fit. U Mumba will be tested for their defensive tactics. If Mumba has a bad day at the office, it will spell doomsday for them as the Titans will look forward to winning every match they play from here. But this will be a high-scoring game with a lot of involvement from the dugouts of both camps.

U Mumba will win.

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