Tamil Thalaivas announce Sagar Rathee as captain for 10th season of PKL

Nov 30, 2023

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On Tuesday, Tamil Thalaivas revealed that Sagar Rathee would be captaining the team in the upcoming 10th Season of the Pro Kabaddi League. The leadership trio for this highly anticipated season includes vice-captains Ajinkya Pawar and Sahil Gulia, forming a powerful and well-rounded leadership structure. Sagar Rathee, recognized for his exceptional skills, strategic acumen, and sportsmanship, brings a wealth of experience to lead the Tamil Thalaivas. Meanwhile, Ajinkya Pawar and Sahil Gulia, serving as vice-captains, contribute as pillars of strength, providing crucial support to the team. Their proficiency and unwavering commitment to the game make them ideal choices to complement the leadership of captain Sagar Rathee.

The excitement and anticipation among fans and supporters are tangible as the team prepares for an exhilarating journey under the leadership of captain Sagar Rathee. The 9th edition of the Pro Kabaddi proved to be the best season for Tamil Thalaivas. Overcoming initial setbacks, the team showcased resilience and delivered noteworthy performances against various challenges, making it a remarkable and memorable season.

Tamil Thalaivas faced a slow start in the 2023 edition of Pro Kabaddi, partly attributed to a setback in the form of star raider Pawan Sehrawat’s injury in the opening match of the season. Despite this initial hurdle, the Thalaivas showcased exceptional performance on the mat, concluding the season as semifinalists. The team’s young talents met the expectations set by the management, contributing significantly to their success. Sagar and Ajinkya Pawar, in leadership roles, displayed splendid performance, while coach Ashan Kumar played a crucial role in reviving the team after the early setback, extracting the best from the players.

I am very excited to play in tenth season: Pawan Sehrawat

The MVP of Season 6, Pawan Kumar Sherawat considers the upcoming tenth season of the Pro Kabaddi League a proud moment for the Kabaddi fraternity. As the league prepares to kick off its landmark season on December 2, 2023, fans are eagerly anticipating the excitement it will bring. Pawan, the star raider for Telugu Titans, who set a new record for the highest bid at the PKL Auction earlier this year, shared his own enthusiasm for the milestone season.

“I am very excited to play in the tenth season. I have not played in the league for a while. My preparations are going well in the Telugu Titans camp and I am looking forward to the season,” the High-Flier Sehrawat said in a release.

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