Benjamin Mendy to address unpaid wages from Manchester City

Nov 22, 2023

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Former Manchester City player is all set to sue the 2022 Premier League winners after revealing about millions of pounds left to be unpaid.

Benjamin Mendy is set to address the unpaid wages from Manchester City, when he represented them in the past. Mendy claimed that the 2022 Premier League winners owe him a million pounds in the form of unpaid wages. About a couple of years ago, Mendy was charged with a sexual assault and six attempt to rape cases. The French left-back believed it was an unauthorized deduction from wages.

Mendy is likely to address the issue by taking it to the employment tribunal. Mendy was cleared of the attempt to rape and sexual assaults by the court earlier this year in January. The 29-year-old left Manchester City after his contract with the club came to an end in June. Reports claimed that Manchester City had stopped paying him after September 2021, where he was held in custody after being charged.

A statement came out on behalf of Mendy regarding the same. “Nick De Marco KC… is acting for the former Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy in a multi-million-pound claim for unauthorized deductions from wages,” read the statement. Further, the statement claimed that Mendy was not at all paid from September 2021, as he was charged by the court. 

“Manchester City FC failed to pay Mr Mendy any wages at all from September 2021, following Mr Mendy being charged with various offenses all of which he was subsequently acquitted of, until the end of his contract in June 2023. The claim will come before an employment tribunal,” concluded the statement from Mendy. 

Earlier this year, Mendy was cleared of all the charges against him by the court. However, the jury was not able to give a verdict on a couple of charges. It led to retrial of the case. As the retrial happened, Mendy was not found guilty of any mistakes. By the end of July, Mendy was clear of all the cases. Now that the French defender is free of all charges, he has demanded his unpaid wages.

Mendy is seeking a total of 100000 pounds per week which were unpaid to him. City had to pay the amount in the period September 2021 to June 2023, where his contract with the treble winners came to an end. In the Premier League, Mendy helped City to win three titles. In 2021, Mendy played for the last time in the City. Since then, Mendy has been playing for Lorient, a French club, at the beginning of the season. 

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