Best ISL Football Guidebook for Pro Punters 2021

Sep 13, 2021

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Everyone can become a pro-punter if fed with the right information. Also, the chances after you become a pro-punter of you winning the jackpot depends on how informed you are. Indian Super League is due to start this November, and all those serious punters know that this is their chance to make some cash.

Your profits are always ready for collection after 90 minutes plus the injury time in football. This however does not apply to all bookmarkers. Extra time and penalty kick shootouts scores are not usually included in the winning or losing of a bet to many bookies although some consider these periods a part of the gameplay. You should read the rules and regulations of the bookie you want to use to know how this goes about to them. To help you win, we have provided for you one of the best guidebooks in football for all your ISL games.

  1. Shop around for the best odds
    Comparing odds from different betting accounts require your commitment to only have the best, can be tiresome, and sometimes may require you to have accounts in some of those websites. But shopping around for these odds can turn out to be beneficial and make a big difference to the profits that you get. If you keep on a consistent betting life, the difference in these odds will turn out to be making you solid profits.
  2. Research before betting
    Before placing your bet on any ISL team, it is wise to first do a lot of research on the teams playing. Look at the team’s last performance, look at the players’ stats and also make sure you ‘have your betting strategy with you. This thing will help you make an informed decision, one that will lead to you making a profit but not losses. Don’t forget to figure out the playing team’s motivation. This is a factor that influences the outcome of football matches. For example, Bengaluru is playing with Nasaf. Bengaluru is only 2 points away from making it to the top of the table while Nasaf is playing to just finish off their game calendar, Bengaluru players will be more motivated and determined to win more than those of Nasaf therefore this factor might influence the game’s outcome.
  3. Bet on singles
    Most punters in their pro-level like to bet on multiples so that they win more. What they don’t understand is that the more the teams, the higher the risks of losing the bet. Multiple betting slips will give you a big win but it does not happen often like betting on a single game’s match.
  4. Master your bankroll
    Those punters who know how to manage their bankroll do much better than those who ignore this. It is recommended that you only bet on 5% of your total bankroll on a single match. You should constantly read articles on how to manage your bankroll because this is the heart of your gambling finances. A great punter is defined by how well he can manage his bankroll.

These simple pro-punters guiding tips will see you succeed in your betting in the upcoming ISL matches. Learn more tips and strategies to improve your knowledge on football strategies from renowned tipsters like us and stand a chance to win more from your bets.

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