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ISL Betting Strategies for Beginners

Sep 13, 2021

When it comes to football, the major difference between a successful bet and an unsuccessful bet is the strategy used. And having a good game plan is a sure way for you to win. As you set out on the journey to start betting on football, you need to have a few strategies with you that will guide you. We have provided for you some strategies that if you use well, will lead you to make your first successful bet.

  1. Keep a record
    You need to have not only the teams you want to bet on information but your betting information. Keeping track of your bets wins, and losses are important. This helps you to see what you have done, the strategies that you used on a certain match and failed you, or what you did to a certain match a won. If you realize you are not making any profits, then you need to check on the strategies that you are using or use a different type of bet. Winning one bet is not making a profit though. Use the information you gather about yourself and analyze whether you are making a profit.
  2. Don’t expect a win immediately
    When you start betting, don’t expect a win right away. Don’t start betting with the mentality of becoming rich. You should view football betting as a business. Expect losses and gains, but not on the first day. Be patient. You should aim for small but steady wins rather than a big unstable ones. Remember, if you set unrealistic goals, you are most likely to become frustrated.
  3. Set a budget aside
    It’s not a guarantee that you will win every single bet that you make. That is why you should prepare your betting budget. This is called a bankroll. The budget you set should be independent and free from other uses. The money should also be an amount that your can stand to lose. You should also be careful about how you use your bankroll. It is recommended that you bet at least 5% of your bankroll on a single game.
  4. Find value in odds
    As a punter, you should focus on making a profit. The only way you can make a profit is by making use of betting odds that are provided by the bookies. Make sure the odds that you are betting on are higher than the rest. This means that you have to shop around many websites and try analyzing what website offers the highest odds. This way, you cannot just make money, but more money.

These betting strategies will help you in making a wise decision when you start to bet on the upcoming ISL matches. Make sure you educate yourself more before you start betting. We will continue updating you on new and important strategies that you can use to beat the bookies and make more cash.

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