Winning Strategies on How to Beat the Bookies

Sep 13, 2021

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You don’t have a lot of formulas and explanations to know that when you do your homework when you want to bet on a certain sport properly will lead you to make a lot of cash from it. And beating the bookies is what every punter, regardless of their experience in the gambling industry is trying to do. There is nothing more exciting for anyone than logging into your betting account to find your winnings there.

 But, this is easily said than done. this is because the bookies are here to make money too, and most gamblers lose a lot of their cash to the bookmakers. So, how do you beat the bookies in their own game? We have provided you some tips on how to beat them and win that jackpot that you have eyes on.

  • Follow betting tips
    Information is power. When you read about betting tips from expert betting tipsters like us, you gain the know-how of how to go about with your betting. It is important to keep on reading and educating yourself on the best tips to beat the bookies especially if you want to bet on football or you want to bet on big leagues like the upcoming Indian Super League. there are countless benefits when you follow the betting tips like reduced time invested in research and also it makes your job easier. However, you should follow current betting tips but not tips from three to four years ago.
  • Find value
    You should also look for valuable market odds and take advantage of them as often as you can. Maximizing value is human nature and you should make use of it. With just a little research on your market, you can be able to find more valuable odds from another bookie which translates to more profits for you. Scan through to find that one bookie that has odds slightly above the rest and bet on them.
  • Do not follow the crowd
    Its human nature to follow the crowd even when it is moving in the wrong direction. But if you want to become prosperous in betting, you have to learn how to go solo. Don’t bet because the majority betted on this certain team or based on your instincts or emotions but based on the research you conducted and the information you acquired.
  • Don’t bet on your favorite team.
    Whether you dispute this or not, the fact is you have an emotional connection with your team. it is always difficult to make a proper judgment when emotions are involved so it’s best to avoid betting on your favorite team. Instead, just do your research on the best team, look up the current form, keep an eye for the injury news or anything that will aid you to win the bet.

These tips will be useful if incorporated into your day betting life. For all major leagues like the ISP or the EPL, be sure to check out the previous team’s performance before betting to get a glimpse of what to expect.

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